Common Problems of Test Automation in Modern Days

There are lots of problems occurring in every test automation processes. It is much more challenging when you encounter them without preparations, so having some idea of the type of problem would help you deal with them. This blog post brings out some of the commonest problems described in details.

test automation problems

Unrealistic expectations

Most people in our industry believe new technical solutions will save the day. Testing tools are no exception. There is a tendency to be optimistic about what can be achieved with a new tool. Indeed, we cannot deny that tools nowadays can solve almost every problem we are currently facing in test automation. However, the effect of optimism also leads to unrealistic expectations. If management expectations are unrealistic, then no matter how well the tool is implemented from a technical point of view, it will not meet expectations.

Poor testing practices

Automation is not always a good idea if testing practices are poor, with poorly organized tests, inconsistent documentation, and tests that are not very good at finding defects. The first and the most important to mention is, improving the effectiveness of testing.

Expectations that automated tests will find new defects

A test is most likely find defects the first time it is run. If a test already ran and passed, re-running the same test case a thousand times still cannot yield any differences, unless the test is exercising code that has been changed or could be affected by a change made in a different part of the software, or is being run in a different environment.

Testing tools are useful things, but they are not those things that can find a large number of new defects. Or more correctly, they are regression testing tools. Their use is in repeating tests that have already run. Therefore, tests that do not find any defects are not worthless, even though good test design should be directed at trying to find defects.

False sense of security

Just because the test suites do not find any defects, doesn’t mean there is no defect in the software. This is very crucial because if the tests contain defect themselves, they will bring incorrect outcomes. The automation test will simply preserve those defective results indefinitely.

Maintenance of automated tests

Every time when the software is changed or updated, your tests must be updated either so that they could re-run successfully. Test maintenance has been the death of many test automation initiatives. When it takes more effort to update the tests than it would take to re-run them manually, test automation will be abandoned. Your test automation initiative should not fall victim to high maintenance costs.

Technical problems

Most popular testing tools are large and complex that require detailed technical knowledge. In addition to technical problems with the tool themselves, you may experience technical problems with the software you are trying to test. If the software is not designed and built with testability in mind, it can be very difficult to test, either manually or automatically. Trying to use tools to test such software is an added complication which can only make test automation even more difficult.

Nonetheless, as for tests automation, Katalon Studio is a great and free tool. The test automation framework provided within Katalon Studio was developed with the keyword-driven approach as the primary test authoring method with data-driven functionality for test execution. 

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Organizational problems

Test automation needs to be supported by management and implemented into the culture of your organization. Time must be allocated for choosing tools, for training, for experimenting and learning what works best. Test automation is an infrastructure issue, not just a project issue. In larger organizations, test automation can rarely be justified on the basis of a single project. Standards are needed to ensure consistent ways of using the tools throughout the organization. Otherwise, every group may develop different approaches to test automation, making it difficult to transfer or share automated tests and testers between groups.

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One Thought to “Common Problems of Test Automation in Modern Days”

  1. Francois Bonetto

    These problems are often related to the testing team maturity level. In fact, the hole team maturity level, not only the testing specialists.
    You need testing environments and quality testing data in them. Without these 2 items, test automation are minimalist.
    If you couple these 2 items with frequent feature delivery, you need a well-tuned CI/CD pipeline and a QA architect. A QA architect is an element of success for automated tests. A strategy must be elaborated early during the project to ensure wining conditions for test automation.
    I think that these are ingredients needed to reach automated tests that can be executed as Continuous Testing.

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