Software Test Automation Engineer Salary and Career Overview in 2019

test automation engineer salary

In this article, I will show you why gaining test automation skills are needed for your quality assurance career if you want to remain marketable as a tester. I will tell you what technical skills and automation tools you need to learn about if you’re just getting started with test automation. Why you should be an automation tester? Automation testing is not a new concept in the software development industry anymore, but it is still one of the fastest growing trends. As you may have heard, doing less can help…

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Common Problems of Test Automation in Modern Days

test automation problems

There are lots of problems occurring in every test automation processes. It is much more challenging when you encounter them without preparations, so having some idea of the type of problem would help you deal with them. This blog post brings out some of the commonest problems described in details. Unrealistic expectations Most people in our industry believe new technical solutions will save the day. Testing tools are no exception. There is a tendency to be optimistic about what can be achieved with a new tool. Indeed, we cannot deny…

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