Katalon Review 2023: The Katalon Platform


What is Katalon Platform? The Katalon Platform is a comprehensive software quality management platform developed by Katalon, Inc. This modern platform is built on top of the open-source automation frameworks Selenium and Appium, providing automation teams with a powerful and user-friendly automation testing solution for web, API, mobile, and desktop applications, all in one place.   One of the major strengths of the Katalon Platform is that it enables automation teams to create, maintain, and manage test scripts, all in 1 place, without the need for coding. For more experienced…

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Key Trends in Software Testing to Help You Succeed

QA teams must keep up with the industry’s change in order to stay on top of the software testing game. The following are some major findings from The State of Quality Report 2022 that highlight critical testing trends and practices for effective testing in 2022: Shift-left and shift-right tests are still on the rise There are two major obstacles on the approach to obtaining quality at speed: frequent requirement changes (identified by 46 percent of respondents) and a shortage of time (according to 39 percent of respondents). Testing teams seek to…

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DevOps Orchestration – The vital step after Automation

DevOps Orchestration

Automation is a hot topic of discussion for the software development industry. Although it is known for being a useful way to cut costs, improve efficiency, and limit errors, you may find yourself confused about the upcoming steps and wonder what challenges your DevOps team is facing. This article will explain how you can upgrade your automation and achieve the goal of digital transformation. What’s restraining your DevOps Teams? Does a testing team using automation with suitable strategies and toolsets work efficiently? The answer is yes and no. The lack…

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How to Create a Powerful Automation Testing Strategy

Powerful automation testing strategy

Although the adoption effort is worth it, the difficulty to adopt new software, methods, and tools exist in parallel. Automated testing and relevant tools in particular, help you save time and resources, and maintain high-quality software.  But you should not adopt test automation without having a clear plan, you need a robust strategy in hand. This article discusses how to create a powerful test automation strategy that helps you optimize your product entirely before it reaches end-users. What Happens if I Don’t Have a Strategy for Test Automation? Many beginners…

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How to prevent Failed Tests with Fail-fast Principle (with Video)

The Fail-fast Principle in Automation Testing The fail-fast principle is based on the idea that a system should suspend normal operations rather than work around a flaw in its code. A fail-fast system is a software development method that will alert you when an error is likely to occur.  The fail-fast principle facilitates the detection of software bugs earlier in the development cycle. It enables faster code strengthening, reduces the number of bugs that make it into production, and lowers the intrinsic cost of allowing bugs in the code. To…

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