Top 10 DevOps Tools | 2022 Update

When it comes to implementing DevOps, smooth communication, mutual trust, and information transparency are success determinants. To make the integration between functions and toolstack scalable, read on to get the top 10 CI/CD, orchestration, test automation, and DevOps tools.   How to select suitable DevOps tools? First thing first, define what’s the right DevOps tool for your team’s operation, environment, and structure. By clarifying your needs and specifying DevOps goals, you better imagine the capabilities you require to support your DevOps practices and pipeline.  There’s no such thing as a one-tool-fits-all,…

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Top 10 Continuous Testing Tools | 2022 Updated

Top Continuos Testing Tools

To ensure continuous quality throughout the developmental cycle, many software developers are now practicing continuous testing. But if you have recently just arrived at the software testing landscape, the practice may be hard to fully grasp at first. Therefore, employing the proper continuous testing too can make a huge difference in your software testing and delivery success.   Ranked in no particular order, below is a complete list of the 10 most popular continuous testing tools available for you. We evaluated the benefits and potential downsides of each tool based on…

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5 Most Popular Test Automation Frameworks

5 Best Test Automation Framework

What is a Test Automation Framework? Test automation framework is a set of best practices or guidelines used when creating and designing test cases. The set of rules can include the coding standards, object repositories, test data handling methods, information on external storage access, etc. The guidelines are not mandatory, but they enhance the test’s efficiency and produce beneficial results when followed during automation scripting. The Benefits of Using a Test Automation Framework The overall advantages of using a framework include: Optimum test coverage Lower script maintenance cost Minimal use…

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How to Select The Right Automation Testing Tool – A complete guide

Why is test automation important? Test automation solves one of the biggest problems QA and Dev teams face today: the need to release quality software quickly. This is a far cry from what happened during the days when manual testing was prevalent. Software releases were slow, and many projects were affected by bugs and defects. With the requirement of less human intervention, test automation is more reliable and faster during repetitive testing of software applications. Also, it allows running on multiple hardware, software, and configuration. This comes with the added…

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