How to prevent Failed Tests with Fail-fast Principle (with Video)

The Fail-fast Principle in Automation Testing The fail-fast principle is based on the idea that a system should suspend normal operations rather than work around a flaw in its code. A fail-fast system is a software development method that will alert you when an error is likely to occur.  The fail-fast principle facilitates the detection of software bugs earlier in the development cycle. It enables faster code strengthening, reduces the number of bugs that make it into production, and lowers the intrinsic cost of allowing bugs in the code. To…

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Introduction to API Testing with Real-life Examples

API Testing Tutorial

What is an API? If you have already known, or if you have googled about, or if you are a little confused about what it says by looking all the technical terms over the Internet, just keep everything inside and the focus on what we are talking. So, API is nothing but it’s an application program interface. As we already said the name itself says it is an interface. How does API Testing work? It is all about requests and responses between the client and server. You want something, you…

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8 Steps to Switch From Manual To Automation Testing at a Small Company

from manual to automation testing

Obstacles of moving from manual to automation testing Too busy running manual tests Put automation off until the “next release.” Company culture is not open to change Company is not sure about the investment Not enough knowledge or experience to implement Not sure how or where to start Steps to go from manual to automation testing Step 1: Build a good test case foundation Why create a good test case foundation? Good manual test cases are blueprints for what you will and will not be able to automate. Explore automation…

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Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers: Frameworks and Tools

automation testing interview questions

Introduction to automation testing framework What is a framework? A framework defines a set of rules or best practices which can be followed in a systematic way to achieve the desired results. What are the advantages of using automation testing framework? It saves time and money Reusability of code Easy reporting Easy for compatibility testing Low-cost maintenance Automated testing is more reliable Automated testing is more powerful and versatile It is mostly used for regression testing Minimal manual intervention Maximum coverage How to create any framework? Beginner: No, I didn’t…

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What are the 7 Basic Software Testing Principles?

Testing Principles

Consider a scenario where you are moving a file from folder A to folder B. Think about all the possible ways you can test this. Apart from the usual scenarios, you can test the following conditions: Trying to move the file when it is opened You do not have the security rights to paste the file in folder B Folder B is on a shared Drive and storage capacity is full Folder B already has a file with the same name In fact, the list is endless. Supposed you have…

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