Accelerate Headless Testing Execution with Katalon Studio


Headless Testing option helps to run the automated web application in Katalon Studio using the headless browser. This tutorial gives an overview of how to use Headless Testing option and test a webpage without having the visual of the browser view.


What is Headless Testing?

Headless Testing is a way to run the browser in a headless environment without the full browser UI. One of the benefits of using headless testing is that your JavaScript tests will be executed in the same environment as users of your site. Katalon Studio supports headless browser execution for both Chrome and Firefox.

Headless testing browser execution using Katalon Studio

Create and execute automation tests in 3 magical steps:

Step 1: To start Katalon Studio, double-click on the katalon.exe.
Step 2: After launching Katalon Studio, provide your registered username and password to activate your Katalon Studio.


Step 3: Once Katalon Studio is activated, select File > New > Project then enter the Project name, location and its description.


Step 4: Create a new test case and enter the name and description of the test case.


Step 5: Click on the Record Web icon and continue with the created test case.



Step 6: Enter the URL in the dialog box opened after clicking the Record Web icon in case need to pause or stop the recording option in between is available in the same dialog box which travels throughout the recording.


Step 7: Select the browser you need to record the UI elements from the drop down.


Step 8: Once the browser is selected browser will be initiated and the selected browser with URL will be opened once the page is completely loaded user can interact with the page and record the necessary action of the web page and the UI elements will be recorded whenever the action is performed by the user.


Step 9: Once after the stop button is clicked the record will be finished the action, action data and the Element will be saved and displayed.


Step 10: After clicking OK the Object Repository dialog will be opened and the user had to make a new folder and save the Object Repository.


Step 11: Once the above step is completed the created object repository folder will be displayed under Object Repository. (Note: My Object Repository is named as GUI)


Step 12: While clicking the Object Repository folder the captured element will be displayed.


Step 13: Once everything is fine the user must click the RUN icon and select the headless chrome or Firefox browser.


Step 14: After selecting the headless browser, Katalon Studio will Open the browser and  start to execute the recorded action in a headless mode. The execution Log can be viewed in Log Viewer.


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