Web and Mobile API Testing: A Detailed guide

Introduction Today, most applications are built using APIs. We have seen the rise of microservices and serverless computing, with each service being a small component that can be deployed independently and scaled as needed. This has also led to more integration points between applications, which brings us back to API testing. API testing is a vital part of the software development process. It’s a black box testing technique that checks how two applications communicate with each other, ensuring that they work as expected. It can be used to test backends…

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Top 4 TestProject Alternatives That Make Test Automation Easier

Top 4 TestProject Alternatives

It’s no secret that TestProject, the popular test automation platform, has announced its end of life. As a result, many organizations that use TestProject are in search of an alternative automation testing tool. The transition process can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the other automation testing tools available. We’ll cover the essentials of transitioning from TestProject to a new automation testing tool, including why you should consider a transition, comparison of the available TestProject alternatives, and key considerations for selecting the right tool for your organization.…

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Key Trends in Software Testing to Help You Succeed

QA teams must keep up with the industry’s change in order to stay on top of the software testing game. The following are some major findings from The State of Quality Report 2022 that highlight critical testing trends and practices for effective testing in 2022: Shift-left and shift-right tests are still on the rise There are two major obstacles on the approach to obtaining quality at speed: frequent requirement changes (identified by 46 percent of respondents) and a shortage of time (according to 39 percent of respondents). Testing teams seek to…

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All Things You Need To Know About Exhaustive Testing

Exhaustive Testing

What is Exhaustive Testing? Exhaustive testing, which is also known as complete testing, occurs when all the testers in your team are exhausted and when all the planned tests have been executed. It is a quality assurance testing technique in which all scenarios or data is tested for testing. In a more understandable way, exhaustive testing means ensuring there are no undiscovered faults at the end of the test phase. Testing everything (all combinations of inputs and preconditions) is not feasible except for trivial cases. As testers, we often say…

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