Top 10 DevOps Tools | 2022 Update

When it comes to implementing DevOps, smooth communication, mutual trust, and information transparency are success determinants. To make the integration between functions and toolstack scalable, read on to get the top 10 CI/CD, orchestration, test automation, and DevOps tools.   How to select suitable DevOps tools? First thing first, define what’s the right DevOps tool for your team’s operation, environment, and structure. By clarifying your needs and specifying DevOps goals, you better imagine the capabilities you require to support your DevOps practices and pipeline.  There’s no such thing as a one-tool-fits-all,…

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A detailed guide for a robust DevOps Testing Strategy

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) defines DevOps as a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that helps a business boost its applications and services delivery. With this definition, a DevOps testing strategy needs to accomplish two critical goals: speed and reliability. Bringing the Dev (development) and Ops (operations) functions together can remove the independent-working mindset. In fact, this process actually makes tight delivery schedules for processes at scale less terrifying. Testing in DevOps What does testing in a DevOps environment look like? Test automation and continuous testing are the…

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8 Steps to Switch From Manual To Automation Testing at a Small Company

from manual to automation testing

Obstacles of moving from manual to automation testing Too busy running manual tests Put automation off until the “next release.” Company culture is not open to change Company is not sure about the investment Not enough knowledge or experience to implement Not sure how or where to start Steps to go from manual to automation testing Step 1: Build a good test case foundation Why create a good test case foundation? Good manual test cases are blueprints for what you will and will not be able to automate. Explore automation…

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Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers: Frameworks and Tools

automation testing interview questions

Introduction to automation testing framework What is a framework? A framework defines a set of rules or best practices which can be followed in a systematic way to achieve the desired results. What are the advantages of using automation testing framework? It saves time and money Reusability of code Easy reporting Easy for compatibility testing Low-cost maintenance Automated testing is more reliable Automated testing is more powerful and versatile It is mostly used for regression testing Minimal manual intervention Maximum coverage How to create any framework? Beginner: No, I didn’t…

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