Web and Mobile API Testing: A Detailed guide

Introduction Today, most applications are built using APIs. We have seen the rise of microservices and serverless computing, with each service being a small component that can be deployed independently and scaled as needed. This has also led to more integration points between applications, which brings us back to API testing. API testing is a vital part of the software development process. It’s a black box testing technique that checks how two applications communicate with each other, ensuring that they work as expected. It can be used to test backends…

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The Essential Guide To API Testing | 2022 Updated


Overview API testing, or Application Programming Interfaces testing is a kind of software testing that involves verifying and validating APIs and Web services. It’s also a part of integration testing which determines whether the developed APIs meet the tester’s pre-established expectations, such as functionality, reliability, performance, or security. API testing is entirely different from testing. While GUI testing mainly focuses on the functions of an application that are visible to the users, API testing primarily centers on the logic layer of the software architecture. Learn more: Introduction to API Testing…

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Getting Started with REST API & RESTful Web Services Testing

REST API & RESTful web services explained REST API, which stands for representational state transfer application programming interface. Some of the simplest questions that might come up when you’re first starting to understand REST API is, what is being represented exactly, what is a state, and what is being transferred. So here in the article, let’s look at all these words individually and learn what they all mean. The word ‘representational’ means there is a transfer of representations of resources and the resources can be pretty much anything that can…

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