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Automation testing course

Online courses have now become an increasing demand worldwide after many things have happened since 2020. However, there are too many websites and resource from the Internet that makes you overwhelmed and lost at the first step. We collected and rate it by the relevant and knowledge special about Automation Software Testing, let’s enroll in a free course after this!

Paid Resources

1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the largest and most popular learning centers. There are 155,000 courses in total that cover many majors (IT, Business, Marketing, Psychology,. etc).

With search query: “automation testing”, there will appear 10K results on Udemy. They cover a wide range of related topics, from the implementation of specific testing tools (Open-source as Selenium and Appium; Free/Paid tools like Katalon, Cypress, etc ) 

From free online courses to $20 to $200 on average. You will get digital certificates after complete paid courses.

One more thing, Udemy is a marketplace, you should have better research about the instructors before paid anything

>> Go over the popular automation testing courses on Udemy.

2.  Coursera

Another popular massive open online course provider with more than 3,000 courses covers a wide range of topics. 

The lessons on Coursera are divided into the 3 main categories: courses, guided projects, and specializations. Online courses on this place are taught by experts and professionals from well-known universities and trustworthy organizations. 

As for the fees, some of the courses are free but the other two are not. A guided project may cost you $9.99 while specialization may require a monthly subscription around $39.

Moreover, they also have financial aid if you are dealing with financial problems (but you have to prove), don’t miss it!

They also provide certificates upon the completion of specializations or certain paid courses. A free trial is available.

>> Go and explore more on Coursera.

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning ( formerly is a professional platform that offers high-quality materials with 3 main groups: creativity, technology, and business.

Hosted by industry experts and experienced professionals, the quality of content is ensured and you will get a digital certificate upon completion of each course. There are also many support features for you to track and review your learning processes such as notes directly on the site and auto transcript

The monthly subscription of around $30 to have full access to all lessons. You can try out the first month for free.

>> Try out LinkedIn Learning.

4. EdX

EdX is a formal e-learning platform that covers business management, computer programming, engineering, and many others. There are more than 3,000 courses in total that you can enroll.

The courses are hosted by university professors and experienced experts. Some courses are put together into a learning program, which makes it easy for you to follow. However, there are very few courses that focus specifically on automated testing. And most of them aim for the intermediate level. 

You can join courses for free with an audited option and there will be no certification granted. To have full access and get a certificate upon completion, you will need to pay for the course. 

>> Go and explore more on edX.

Free Resources:

1. Katalon Academy

Katalon Academy is a free learning hub about Automation Testing fit with all levels. There are API, Web, mobile, desktop automation testing, DevOps, TestOps, CI/CD pipeline integration,… .

From basic to advanced, it is suitable for testers, QA specialists, and developers at all levels. The essentials that learners will get:

  • data-driven testing, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for web testing, etc.
  • step-by-step tutorials with in-demand tools and sample projects
  • Monthly webinar invitation 
  • An interactive learning experience with peers and instructors 

Katalon Academy instructors are professionals working in Automation Testing field. Additionally, some of them have also been speakers at testing conferences like Odyssey, Open Source Lisbon, and TestFlix.

Because the platform is built by Katalon, users will get free access to the storage of hands-on tutorials on the leading automation solutions such as Studio, TestOps, and Recorder. However, there are not only tutorials about Katalon but testing methodology and mindset is another highlight when you enroll their courses

>> Start your courses for free at Katalon Academy

2. YouTube

The most popular video-sharing platform in the world. It is the most common way to learn about any topics or skills, including test automation.

With endless free resources that you can find about test automation, including video tutorials and courses. However, sometimes it can get very time-consuming to find high-quality resources, as nearly everyone can post and share their videos on this platform, regardless of their actual skills and backgrounds. Moreover,  it’s difficult to track your studying process or get help from the instructors.


Each e-learning platform one has its own strengths that may satisfy your expectation. 

When choosing the platform and courses, you should consider your level, purpose, goals, and also budget. 

Tip: Doing a little research on the courses and the instructors can be helpful to know what you should expect for the result. 

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