Key Trends in Software Testing to Help You Succeed

QA teams must keep up with the industry’s change in order to stay on top of the software testing game.

The following are some major findings from The State of Quality Report 2022 that highlight critical testing trends and practices for effective testing in 2022:

Shift-left and shift-right tests are still on the rise

There are two major obstacles on the approach to obtaining quality at speed: frequent requirement changes (identified by 46 percent of respondents) and a shortage of time (according to 39 percent of respondents). Testing teams seek to do more shift-left testing by adding various QA techniques into their software development life cycle to increase software quality and resolve issues.

Surprisingly, monitoring and testing in production is the third-most-used strategy. It is being used in conjunction with most other techniques by testers, who believe it is the best way to achieve quality at a rapid pace.

which QA techniques does your team apply during development

Test automation adds to a good return on investment in testing

The research also points out an interesting shift in automation testing trends 2022: less QA teams are using open-source solutions. Instead, they use commercial solutions like Katalon and Perfecto to make better use of their time by automating testing.

what is the ROI of test automation for your projects

In the near future, AI capabilities are expected to improve

Today, AI testing is a thing. However, with less than half of the respondents utilizing AI for test automation, this technology appears to be in its early stages of implementation.

AI is projected to improve further in the coming years, taking the automation testing process to the next level. AI will be used in a variety of testing areas, including planning and management, generation and maintenance, selection and optimization, execution, assessment and report, and monitoring.

Recommendations for QA teams to thrive in 2022

As COVID-19 continues to impact our world, QA teams have to look for ways to deal with the inconvenience of testing from home. The survey participants suggest that testing process enhancement and applying better testing tools will improve mental well-being amidst the pandemic, helping teams test more efficiently. According to the data collected, this year, QA teams plan to apply different strategies to improve their testing processes. It is recommended that teams prioritize the most adopted practices to fall in line with the next most important testing trends in 2022. 

The testing world is evolving at a breakneck speed. For more actionable insights in QA practices and tools, AI testing, and test automation to keep up with this revolution, check out the full report here: The State of Quality Report 2022

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