Types of Automation Testing: A Guide for Beginners

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What is Test Automation? In software development, test automation is the use of automated tools to execute automation tests, manage test data, and use these results to improve software quality. It does not require the presence of humans to be executed. Automated testing is significant in the creation of software by enhancing result efficiency, improving bug fixes and detection, and many more. It is best used for projects going through the initial testing phase and projects that require repeated execution of the same test. To know more about test automation,…

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How to Start Automation Testing from Scratch?

How to start automation testing

The term automation testing is complicated for a newcomer. Questions like what is automation testing, what are the benefits of automation testing or how to execute automation testing might throw an uninitiated person into confusion. In this guide, we provide you with the information you need to know about testing and everything it entails. Automation Testing definition: Automated testing is the use of automated tools to carry out your test case suite. Unlike manual testing, which requires a human’s presence, automation testing relies on the use of software to run…

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Codeless Test Automation: The Ultimate Solution in 2020

codeless test automation for quality assurance 2020

Businesses today are pressured with constant improvement to stay in the competition as new products emerge. As predicted in many reports for 2020, the gap between testers and developers is being narrowed. Plus, Agile and DevOps are receiving greater attention, along with minimal human intervention to save time for business strategies. As a result, codeless test automation has been put into the spotlight as the promising benchmark every developer must apply. Why Codeless Test Automation for Automated Testing? The Adoption of Automated Testing Manual testing requires a human to apply…

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What is Regression testing? A complete introduction for beginners

regression testing

Overview Regression testing is a testing practice that is widely used in software teams nowadays due to its superior benefits. This practice ensures stable performance and functionality as well as accelerates the time-to-market of software products. This article provides a complete introduction of Regression testing for beginners by walking through its notions, benefits, process, and techniques to implement.  What is Regression testing?  Regression testing is defined as a testing practice applied to guarantee the application still behaves as expected whenever any code changes, updates, or improvements occur. It is typically…

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8 Best Practices to Implement Continuous Testing Successfully

8 practices continuous testing

Does your business plan include a continuous testing strategy? Is continuous testing right for your organization? Every company who has implemented continuous testing had to answer these questions – and not all companies are able to do so. It requires a strategic planning process and many changes would need to be put in place, which can be challenging for small and large organizations alike. After all, continuous testing is all about testing early and often which can be challenging to implement. To find out more about continuous testing, check out…

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