Katalon Studio 7 | A Glance Over the Top 9 Features

katalon studio 7 now available

Katalon Studio has recently released its latest version — 7.0.0 with an array of new features and capabilities that are worth shouting about. The essential features and updates in Katalon Studio including Desktop App Testing, Private Plugin, Smart Wait, Katashare, and much more.  Let’s take a glance at the 9 significant features of Katalon Studio version 7.0.0 in the article below. Desktop App Testing In addition to the existing capabilities (web, API, and mobile testing), Katalon Studio now supports Selenium-based test automation for UI on Windows 10. In other words,…

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CI/CD Pipeline | What, Why, How to Build A Good One

CICD pipeline

Software development teams are increasingly aiming to grasp customers’ demands for faster release cycles and enhanced software quality. This has winded up to implementing a CI/CD pipeline as a solution to streamline their process. A quick and reliable CI/CD pipeline is crucial for the engineering team to deliver bug-free code at high velocity. This article will delve into the concepts of CI/CD, each components in the pipeline, its benefits and how it works. What is CI/CD? CI/CD, comprises two related practices — continuous integration and continuous delivery. In simple words,…

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The 5 Best Reasons Why Companies Should Adopt CI/CD


In recent years, more and more companies are making their move towards CI/CD and applying it into their product development process. What is the significance of CI/CD implementation in software engineering? The answer to this question lies in the benefits it brings. To help you decide if CI/CD is the right step for your organization to take, then wrap your head around the 5 best benefits of continuous integration and delivery, and see how they can help in your development, testing, and deployment process. 1. Faster Release Rate Failures are…

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8 Best Practices to Implement Continuous Testing Successfully

8 practices continuous testing

Does your business plan include a continuous testing strategy? Is continuous testing right for your organization? Every company who has implemented continuous testing had to answer these questions – and not all companies are able to do so. It requires a strategic planning process and many changes would need to be put in place, which can be challenging for small and large organizations alike. After all, continuous testing is all about testing early and often which can be challenging to implement. To find out more about continuous testing, check out…

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Introduction to Continuous Testing

continuous testing

Customers nowadays expect top-notch software for their businesses or personal use. To accommodate that need, software companies are incorporating Continuous Testing practices to ensure the software they release to market can outshine the competition. What is Continuous Testing? Simply put, Continuous Testing is a software testing type in which the product is evaluated early, often, and throughout the entire Continuous Delivery (CD) process. It uses automated tests to ensure teams receive immediate feedback to quickly mitigate as many risks as possible throughout the software development life cycle. Moreover, team members…

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