Software Testing Life Cycle

software testing life cycle

1. What is Software Testing Life Cycle? Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) is described as a string of activities handled by testing team in their testing process over a particular product. This process contains 6 different steps where each of steps individually performs a specific responsibility contributed in a whole testing mechanism. Also, every step has some Entry Criteria (a set of actions should be done to start the test) as well as Exit Criteria (a set of actions should be achieved before finishing the test). Basically, these criteria will…

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7 Fundamental Principles of Software Testing

Defect clustering

The principles of software testing refer to the guidelines that help testing teams effectively utilize their time and effort to discover hidden effects of a testing project. The below¬†7 Fundamental Principles of Software Testing have been investigated from the real practice and research for testers to apply widely in software testing area. 1. Testing indicates the present defects of the project This principle can be described in another way: testing is about the presence of defects, not their absence. Software testing can only figure out the defects which are existing…

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The Difference between Manual & Automated Testing

Why software testing important

In the previous article, we already learned about Software Testing in general (Software Testing Introduction, Software testing type). Software testing is a huge picture with many pieces, but people nowadays tend to categorize it into 2 main types: Manual Testing & Automated Testing. This article will show you “The difference between Manual & Automated Testing” and “Why early apply Automation is worth the effort”. 1. What is Manual Testing? Manual testing is a process of finding defects in the software manually. In this method, the testers will simulate end users…

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Software Testing Types | The most common types

software testing type

What are Software Testing Types? Software testing types are the different ways and strategies that you conduct to check a software or application fully, each type focuses on a particular test objective with different test strategy. To help you find out which kind of test is best suited for your projects, this article will clarify the most popular testing types along with detailed definition and goal. 1. Functional Testing Functional testing is a type of software testing that clarify the performance of particular functions of a software application. The responsibility…

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What is Software Testing? Introduction, Type & Importance


1. What is software testing? Software Testing is the process of identifying the accuracy and quality of the software product and service under test. Apparently, it was born to validate whether the product fulfills the particular prerequisites, needs, and desires of the client. At the end of the day, testing executes a framework or application with a specific end goal to point out bugs, errors or defects. The responsibility of testing is to point out the issues of bugs and give Dev (Developers) a clue to help them fix it…

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