How to prevent Failed Tests with Fail-fast Principle (with Video)

The Fail-fast Principle in Automation Testing The fail-fast principle is based on the idea that a system should suspend normal operations rather than work around a flaw in its code. A fail-fast system is a software development method that will alert you when an error is likely to occur.  The fail-fast principle facilitates the detection of software bugs earlier in the development cycle. It enables faster code strengthening, reduces the number of bugs that make it into production, and lowers the intrinsic cost of allowing bugs in the code. To…

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Best place to enroll Automation Software Testing Online Courses

Automation testing course

Online courses have now become an increasing demand worldwide after many things have happened since 2020. However, there are too many websites and resource from the Internet that makes you overwhelmed and lost at the first step. We collected and rate it by the relevant and knowledge special about Automation Software Testing, let’s enroll in a free course after this! Paid Resources 1. Udemy Udemy is one of the largest and most popular learning centers. There are 155,000 courses in total that cover many majors (IT, Business, Marketing, Psychology,. etc).…

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Top 10 Continuous Testing Tools | 2021 Updated

Top Continuos Testing Tools

Top 10 Continuous Testing Tools | 2021 Updated  To ensure continuous quality throughout the developmental cycle, many software developers are now practicing continuous testing. But if you have recently just arrived at the software testing landscape, the practice may be hard to fully grasp at first. Therefore, employing the proper continuous testing too can make a huge difference in your software testing and delivery success.   Ranked in no particular order, below is a complete list of the 10 most popular continuous testing tools available for you. We evaluated the benefits…

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Automation Testing for Agile Team| The Best Practice

Automation Testing for Agile Team

Agile methodologies are becoming increasingly popular in software development around the world. They necessitate a new approach to software testing that is well-aligned with Agile’s fast-paced philosophy. Although test automation was not designed with Agile teams in mind, it does make Agile testing—a critical component of the Agile concept—possible.  Software Testing in Agile Teams In recent years, agile methodology has become a buzzword in the software industry. To promote continuous iterations in the software development life cycle, many product teams have switched from Waterfall to Agile (SDLC). Development and testing…

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