Types of Automation Testing: A Guide for Beginners

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What is Test Automation? In software development, test automation is the use of automated tools to execute automation tests, manage test data, and use these results to improve software quality. It does not require the presence of humans to be executed. Automated testing is significant in the creation of software by enhancing result efficiency, improving bug fixes and detection, and many more. It is best used for projects going through the initial testing phase and projects that require repeated execution of the same test. To know more about test automation,…

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How to Start Automation Testing from Scratch?

How to start automation testing

The term automation testing is complicated for a newcomer. Questions like what is automation testing, what are the benefits of automation testing or how to execute automation testing might throw an uninitiated person into confusion. In this guide, we provide you with the information you need to know about testing and everything it entails. Automation Testing definition: Automated testing is the use of automated tools to carry out your test case suite. Unlike manual testing, which requires a human’s presence, automation testing relies on the use of software to run…

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How to Select The Right Automation Testing Tool – A complete guide

Why is test automation important? Test automation solves one of the biggest problems QA and Dev teams face today: the need to release quality software quickly. This is a far cry from what happened during the days when manual testing was prevalent. Software releases were slow, and many projects were affected by bugs and defects. With the requirement of less human intervention, test automation is more reliable and faster during repetitive testing of software applications. Also, it allows running on multiple hardware, software, and configuration. This comes with the added…

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